If you have a specific idea for a picture, if you have a friend, a loved one, a boss that you know is gonna look fantastic cartoonafied, then i'm here to help!

Christmas cards, halloween scary posters, anniversay posters, special birthday posters, you name it i can pretty much do it all!

Work can be produced either on heavy quality paper in pen and ink, something you can frame and hang right away.

Or, why not have it done digitally? Where you can then immediately upload it as a profile picture, email it to friends, or if you decide you'd like it not only as a print on your wall, but also on a T-shirt , a mug, a plate, you have the file ready to print out immediately!

So the choice is yours!

Email me and get the ball rolling today!

Price list




Black and white

Single person £40

For added persons or pets

+ £15 pp



£60 For single person

For added persons or pets

+ £20


All payments made via Paypal

For company portraits that involve a larger number of people email me for a quote and I will give you a good price.

For all artwork, payment is made after the design has been discussed and finalized.

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