If you have a birthday party, anniversary, or would like to impress and entertain guests for just a casual event and even large corporate events caricatures are the perfect answer!

Mr Patterson caters for all events, and will be there to provide laughs for everyone, from your little monsters at a youngster's birthday party to your work colleagues and bosses at large corporate events.


Mr Patterson will draw individuals and couples, and can mingle between guests or can be set up with a small space and allow guests to approach as they wish.

All artwork takes between 5 to 10 minutes and is done in full colour on A3 paper, and is then rolled up and contained with an elastic band to keep it safe. Plastic sleeves are also provided on rainy days.  

All of the artwork can also be displayed on a piece of string with pegs, so everyone can have a good laugh at everyone else.


 Event's, Parties and Weddings!

     £250 - 4hours

 Added hours

£100 -phr

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