For that  special day of yours, get me in to take the special characters you've invited to your event and imortalise them on paper!

Everyone has a photographer, and yeah a photo is nice... But a photo can only take you so far!

Why not be different , have someone in who can read between the lines and fill in the gaps, why not get a caricature artist?...


I will walk among your guests, sweeping through entertaining them with lashes of banter and at the end they will have a great momento to take home with them!


Traditional or Digital?

So, you've decided you're definitely maybe gonna hire this raving caricaturist...

There's only 1 question left to ask yourself, do you get everything done on traditional sheets of A3 tanned quality paper, pen and ink, black and white, a piece of art to immediately hang in the, pantry... 


Do you look to the future, and stand on the frontier of a bold new.. frontier..

and go for the digital option?

With a digital option you get a small 6x9cm print out, you also get the artwork sent to your email address where you can get that artwork put on mugs t-shirts, or blown up as a larger canvas..

The choice is yours!


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